Monday, October 20

A Weekend Outdoors

Happy Monday! We had such a great little weekend and spent most of it outside! My brother did helped me get the boy's bathroom painted, which you may have seen on social media! We started it at like 8pm..that was not the smartest!!
And I also took Bray to the Pumpkin Festival down the road! Sunday we went to the Farmers Market with my girlfriend, it had been a long time since I had been to a Farmers Market and I had just forgotten how amazing all of their baked goodies and fresh local fruits and veggies were! We are absolutely going back next weekend!
Today's outfit is super fun with this adorable animal print vest and faux hide back! And can we please talk about these booties? They are my new favorites right now!

Citizen of Humanity Jeans: BD Maternity // Vest: Haute Glam Boutique // Shoes: Steven Welded Booties via Shop Bop // Watch: Daniel Wellington // Necklace: My Monogram Necklace

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Sunday, October 19

Third Love Best Lingerie

Lingerie is something that is both personal but so important for a woman. It needs to be beautiful but still comfortable. I personally prefer lingerie that is comfortable enough to wear it on a daily basis. I like to pair my sheer tops and large knit sweaters with lace bras so that when it shows a little, it is pretty and classy.

Third Love is both of these things. I recently discovered this gorgeous brand and not only is it absolutely beautiful, ladies, it is comfortable and affordable!!! I do not like to break the bank when it comes to something only my husband is going to see unless it is a little peep through a knit sweater and Third Love is my new ideal place to shop for these items!

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Friday, October 17

Stripes and Chambray

Today's post is going to be a little short! We have the builder of our house coming in the next hour to go over some of the features and to make a list of a few things I would like tweaked. I am also in the middle of painting the boy's (I love saying that) bathroom so I also have to get back to work on that! Needless to say, I am going to try to get a few at home projects done this wknd! Speaking of which-- Does anyone know a great place to order textured wallpaper? I am looking for something around our big tub in the master bath as well as in the toilet room in there! I am also wanting it to have little silver flakes in it if possible! If I can order samples thats even better as well! I also am looking for amazing decals for Braydon's room. I found some super cute arrows for baby Fay's room

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Thursday, October 16

Wake Up With Me Part 2

Alright y'all! This is the second part of my Wake Up with Me little mini series! Now that you got to see my skin care here is a fresh makeup look featuring Arbonne makeup!
I have to be honest with you all, I had never in my life tried Arbonne makeup until about 2 weeks ago but I was pleasantly surprised! My two absolute favorite products are the primer and the foundation! In this video I show you exactly how I apply it! Underneath the video I will list each and every one of my Arbonne products I used!

Video Filmed and Edited by Sarah Lyn Photography

Makeup Primer
Sheer Glow Highlighter
Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Natural Beige
Creme Concealer in Light
Eye Shadow in Snow
Eye Liner in Cocoa
It's a Long Story Mascara in Black

Want to try some of the products I used today? All LHB followers can place an order with my Independent Consultant, Casie Spivey, and receive 20% off your entire purchase! Email Casie at to place your order! Also, if you have any questions about what I am using Casie knows exactly what I use so she can also help you!

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Wednesday, October 15

Wake Up With Me Part 1

Today's post is part one of my getting ready routine! When I wake up in the morning before I put my makeup on I like to start with a clean fresh face. This means something that makes me feel fresh, alert, smells good but doesn't have too many things in it to make my skin red or irritated. Insert OSEA-- which stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere. OSEA uses these four elements to work with the body to give you healthy beautiful skin! 
"What you will always receive from OSEA are the highest quality, naturally-sourced skincare that is vegan, gluten-free and biodegradable. What you will NOT receive are products laden with synthetic fragrances, genetically modified ingredients, petrochemicals, parabens, or sulfates."
When looking through OSEA's products and trying to chose the perfect regimen for me! As I have said before, I have oily skin, without a lot of break outs--thankfully! So I decided to scroll through the Oily Skin section on the OSEA website. The products I chose were the Ocean Cleanser, Red Algae Mask, Blemish Balm and Ocean Cleansing Mudd. I use the Ocean Cleanser and Blemish Balm morning and night every day. I use the Red Algae Mask once a week and the Ocean Cleansing Mudd in place of the Ocean Cleanser probably 2 to 3 times a week. This one kinda stings when you use it but I love it!!! I only use the Mudd at night!

Video filmed and edited by Sarah Lyn Photography

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Tuesday, October 14

Fall Lip Colors

With the cooler air brings fall boots, sweaters and new lip colors! I have tried out 5 of Bare Minerals newest launches in Marvelous Moxie lipgloss colors for you all and hope to help you find the perfect shade for you this fall! Whether you want natural and nude or sexy and seductive--we got you covered! 

All of these colors and more can be found at here and here! All of these colors are new launches so if you can't find them yet at your local store that is why!! They are on their way!

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Monday, October 13

Melting Braid Tutorial

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Goody, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #GoodyGorgeous

If you head into Walgreens right now, their Goody brushes are Buy1Get1 and it is almost impossible for me to pass up a great deal! I purchased both of these brushes for my tutorial today. For this tutorial it is super important to have sleek, smooth and tangle free hair! You want it easy to pull into the braid and still look smooth and soft. The Goody Quikstyle brush has a great grip on it along with  antimicrobial microfiber cloths to help your hair dry faster!
I use the Goody Tanglefix brush when my hair is wet to detangle and also when it is dry before I braid my hair to make sure there are absolutely no tangles to get caught on during the braid!! So with out further ado here is the tutorial!

1. Start by making sure hair is completely tangle free and smooth.

2. Take a diagonal section to start your braid. Split this into your three sections for a regular braid.

3. Start braid, once you get two or three cross overs in start pulling in hair like a french braid.

4. Focus on keeping it tight around your face and loose pulling from your part all the way to your crown.

5. Continue this until you get to your ear. Once you get to your ear only pull pieces from the back half to the head that is "melting" into the braid.

6. Once you get to the end put an elastic in and you are set to go! :)

To get your Goody Quikstyle & Tanglefix Brushes Buy1Get1 use your Walgreens Balance Rewards between 9/28/14 - 11/01/14 while supplies last.

Make sure to visit Goody's pages below!

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