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Back Stage

Monday, July 27

While in Miami I had the opportunity to go back stage of the Hammock and Lycra show and see all of the action. Blow dryers, bathing suits, steamers, models and makeup filled the room with total organized chaos. While back there I snuck off to the side with back stage makeup artist and founder of Model Launcher, Tatjana Stepakina. Model Launcher, originated in South Beach, was created to be used on models. Smudge proof and long lasting, it would take models through many hours of shooting and into the night as they went on with there personal lives. With many requests for makeup colors seen on models, Tatjana decided to take her makeup brand to the next level and sale it to the public. Model Launcher is internationally sold online as she is from Latvia and recently resided in London where she trained and educated with Chanel.
Being a former educator for Chanel, she feels like it has molded her into the makeup artist that she is today. Tatjana also has a skin care back ground which is why she choses to use mineral based makeup. She uses natural makeup to enhance each girl's beauty to make them look and feel like the model they are. Tutorials with Model Launcher will be on my youtube channel soon-stay tuned!

Photos by Jacqueline Ward Images
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Self Magazine Brunch

Friday, July 24

On Saturday morning the girls and I headed over to a Self Magazine Brunch at the Edition Miami Hotel. It was a Surf Camp followed by one of the most delicious meals I have had in a long time and by far the best meal I had the entire weekend there! 
We started the morning with a half hour of hydrating and sunscreen applications from Shiseido! Drinks included fresh citrus water, cucumber water and juices by Jugo Fresh -by the way I tried 3 different kinds and they were all amazing, I am going to find out if they will ship. We then went to the beach for a half hour of Surf Camp led by V Art of Wellness. After enduring all of that heat we followed it up with seriously the most delicious meal! Everything was so fresh and light and just perfect for being out in the hot Miami sun. We had such a fun morning mingling, meeting other inspiring women and taking care of our bodies, which we of course followed up with a glass of rosé.

Photos by Jacqueline Ward Images

Cover Up: Show Me Your Mumu via // Hair Tie // Flip Flops 

No Heat Curls

Thursday, July 23

I decided to break up our Miami Swim Week posts with a tutorial so I don't overwhelm you guys with Miami! 
Okay, I know what you are thinking. How in the world is she going to get curls with no heat. I was a little skeptical at first but it works.
  I actually found a way to get tight ringlets as well as loose beachy waves all with one head band -insert Savvy Curls
The tutorial I made for you guys today is a looser beachy wave, only because that is more my personal style. If you wanted a tighter ringlet you would need to do this same process with hair about 20% dry opposed to 80/90% dry and sleep in it over night until hair is completely dry. 
I am also working on a few other makeup tutorials for you guys and a hair tutorial inspired by Miami Swim Week. What else are you guys wanting to see? Leave a comment on my youtube video or this blog post of any tutorials you may want!!
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