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15 Minute Leg Workout

Tuesday, July 7

Workout Pants / Shoes

I do not know about you guys but working out is not my favorite thing to do for several reasons. One, making time is not easy. Two, if I have already done my hair and makeup for the day the last thing I want to do is sweat it off. And three, I would just rather eat birthday cake Oreos then work out. Let's get real! I force myself to work out a few times a week and when I work out I want it to be quick and effective. I pretty much bust my behind for about 15-20 minutes and then call it a day. This is the only leg workout I have been doing since I had Walker and I can really see a difference. My husband is not a trainer but he is very active and has been in the military for a while now so he has had his fair share of working out and training. He is the one who showed me what to do for this quick but yet, effective workout!

1. Dead Lifts. 3 Sets of 21.
So I was actually doing these wrong before and once he corrected me it made the biggest difference. I originally had my arms out too far and was going all the way to the ground past my toes when really you are supposed to keep the weight right up against your legs and stop at your shins or ankles depending on how much the weight is. Trust me you will feel it where your butt meets your legs!

2. Squats. 3 Sets of 12. / Bent Dead Lifts. (I do these with the Squat Jumps, keep reading) 
For bent dead lifts, I hold the weight out in front of me in between my legs and bend my legs as if I am squatting. For Squats, I hold the weight at chest level and squat. 

3. Squat Jumps. (see reps below)
 These seriously kick my butt! It is such good cardio and I do it as fast as I can. 
Okay, for the Bent Dead Lifts and Squat JumpsI interchange these. So I do:
 21 Bent Dead Lifts then 21 Squat Jumps. 
 15 Bent Dead Lifts then 15 Squat Jumps. 
9 Bent Dead Lifts then 9 Squat Jumps. 
Trust me. You will fall over after these if you do them as fast as you can. Try to get these done in under 3 minutes. 4 minutes if your a beginner. 

Seersucker Suit

Monday, July 6

I hope everyone had a great July 4th! We had a super busy and fun-filled weekend but let me tell you, I am worn out and sunburnt! It is amazing how the edges around where your bathing suit stops you can get so dang burnt! It is so painful it hurts to wear clothes! So, I mentioned it last week but I am dying over DITTO and being able to rent sunglasses for a month and then send them back. You guys seriously have to try it!! You will fall in love! It is only $19 a month and you send them back and pick a new pair. I am talking super cute and nice designer sunglasses that you may not want to spend the money on! Use code LIPSTICK to get your first month free!!!

Photos by Jacqueline Ward Images
Suit & Towel: Lauren James // Sunglasses // DITTO Sunglasses rental

Independence Day

Saturday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!! This is one of my favorite holidays because it makes me feel so proud to live in America and seeing everyone coming together to celebrate our great country. Everyone be safe today with the fireworks!! We leave those to the pros, but we love to watch them!!
Okay guys, count down is officially on! This time in two weeks I will be cabana hopping, show watching and trunk show shopping!!! It is hard to contain my excitement! I am on a serious hunt for perfect bathing suits, hats, caftans and sandals! I am loving this Mikoh Suit from Ophelia in Seaside. And, they just got a brand new shipment in of this top!! Ophelia is one of my favorite local shops to shop at for anything swimwear! They have the best coverups, suits, sandals and hats! If you are in town you have to make sure to stop by and if you are not local check out their website or instagram, and you can also call to order this suit as well!

Suit: Ophelia // Hat: Sole Society // Wrist Stack: Similar // Sunglasses: Karen Kane // Earrings: Kendra Scott  // Kimono: Pleated Empire

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